Loyal Customer Incentive | Lennon Motor Centre, Athlone

Loyal Customer Incentive

A red star in a frame with blue ribbon symbolizing the level of customer care at Lennon Motor Centre, Athlone

Loyal Customer Incentive

At LENNON MOTOR CENTRE, we value our customers.

We want to make sure you receive the appreciation and good care you deserve.

This is why we launched our Loyal Customer Incentive. It gives the benefits you, as our loyal customer, merit.
What's in it?
Immediate updates about our services, special discounts and offers for loyal customers only, priority booking, free tips on basic car care to keep your vehicle reliable and rolling, the regular limited-availability offers coming to you before anyone else so that you can take advantage first.

Every month, we may send a small number of emails containing the essence. You won’t have to worry about your mailbox getting cluttered with countless emails, that’s not our intention. We only want to provide more value than getting paid for – that’s our philosophy.
How to join?
From August ’21 on, when you book online, we’ll send an email asking you to confirm your participation in our Loyal Customer program. Your consent gives you the access and full advantage of being our loyal customer. You will receive the confirmation email unless you’ve already joined the program.Participating isn’t something you have to concern about, we don’t ask for promises. And you can withdraw your consent any time using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email you receive from us. Then, you can re-subscribe again if you change your mind. Withdrawing your consent won’t change your consumer rights but you may miss out on the exclusive services and offers available only to participants in the program.If you’ve never booked online, we encourage you to take advantage of our easy to use online booking system. We’ll follow up for details if needed. If you prefer so, you still can use other traditional booking methods.If you don’t have email, consider asking for participation personally or by phone. Then, you can check our current special offers every time you visit or call the workshop. We won’t let you miss out.So, we are excited to invite you in, and we believe we’ll see you here.

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