Your tyres are your helmet - annual safety and comfort campaign at Lennon Motor Centre, Athlone

Your tyres are your helmet

The best deals on new tyres in Athlone. Running 1–28 Feb.
We started our annual safety & comfort campaign. Remember, your tyres are your helmet.
For a limited time, we offer exclusive bonuses with our range of real-deal new tyres to help improve your safety and comfort on the wet and slippy roads. We included free fitting and other bonuses in our offer.
Purchase 4 new tyres today and avail of free fitting and 50% discount on wheel alignment as a bonus.
Purchase 2 or 3 new tyres today and avail of free fitting and 25% discount on wheel alignment.
Purchase one and avail of free fitting and balancing.
You can do the right thing, changing your worn or frayed tyres to increase your safety and having your tracking done to prevent excessive tyre wear.
You can do it now, to take advantage of our short-term promotion or wait and have it all at the regular price.
You can do it in the right place, Lennon Motor Centre, Athlone or you can do it elsewhere, wondering if they’ll do it right.
We allow you to split the cost into 4 equal monthly payments with 0% interest.

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